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/ Corporate

When done right, corporate portrait photography can have a huge impact on how clients view you and the company you represent.

Guaranteed: if someone wants to do business with you they will look you up on Google. A great first impression will encourage the viewer to look further into you and what you do. For example, a profile image on LinkedIn means a far greater chance of your profile being viewed (more LinkedIn recommendations can be found here).

Sometimes you might just require a quick refresher portrait for the website or perhaps you need all the staff in the building photographed for online profiles, your intranet or their LinkedIn profiles. 

I have a lot of experience photographing people. Whatever your brief, I will plan and photograph your staff to the highest of standards and, most importantly, have everyone feeling at ease and looking great.

Stiff and rigid corporate portraits are not my style. And honestly, who wants to look like that anyway. Check out some of my portrait work here, and if you like what you see, please get in touch!


/ Education

Education photography tells the story of being a student, showcasing their educational journey, their lifestyle and their surroundings.

Part of the challenge is being able to adapt to the environment. Shooting for education clients involves juggling between ambient (natural) and artificial (flash) light, working with children or adults, and usually at a fast pace to ensure the most productive use of time.

Education photography is used for websites, brochures and other marketing collateral for clients such as Universities, Primary Schools, High Schools, Tertiary Education providers such as private colleges. The images are often for an audience who are yet to experience the providers products or services.

It’s my role to create images that communicate the benefits gained by using the organisation’s services or products. 

Most often I am photographing people who are not models but are ‘real people’! Whilst most people are not used (or fond) of having their photo taken I always like to engage them in the process of creating a great shot and make sure they are having fun too.

While they may be nervous at the beginning, my subjects often love the experience by the end. I pride myself on being able to connect and communicate with people from all walks of life!