Architectural photography is the art of showing off the beauty created by architects, designers, builders and trade services.

I really love finding the best angles and light to capture the features and display the benefits of projects.

Projects I tend to work on include commercial and industrial spaces ranging from warehouses, office buildings, hospitals, universities and accomodation facilities.

I am often engaged to capture certain aspects of projects featuring a clients products such cladding, louvres or signage.


Construction Photography in Sydney,  Australia for small and large client organisations such as builders, project managers, architects.

Whether it be images of construction workers or heavy duty machinery, professional photography can make a huge difference in how you present you and your projects or team to your clients through marketing and reporting.

I’m often engaged to photograph projects and their progress for clients to not only showcase their capabilities, but to also use as a tool in reporting on a projects status in regular meetings and reports.

My construction photography is often used on websites, annual reports, marketing collateral, investor relations documents, capabilities statements and project tenders.

I am equipped with the proper knowledge and safety equipment (PPE) to work in almost any environment.

This includes:

  • White Card - Construction Induction

  • Work Safely at Heights

  • Safely Access the Rail Corridor (RISI or RIW card).

More often than not a site specific induction is required before entering each site for which I am very familiar with. One thing is for certain with all projects, safety is paramount.

Whilst many clients are seeking high quality photography, there is definitely an art to dealing with people when working in these extreme environments with staff and contractors who are under pressure to meet project milestones. I’m just as comfortable being suspended from a cranes man box shooting a high rise development as I am shooting portraits of a CEO of a multinational Construction company in a boardroom.

/corporate image library

Corporate photography can cover a broad spectrum of work, just as companies provide a broad and varied type of services and or products.

Typically when photographing for companies there will be a need for some specific and/ or generic imagery that can be used on both websites and printed marketing collateral.  These images are often added to the company image library from which they can draw upon for the many digital and social media outlets being used.

Examples of images that a company may require are receptionists tending to phone calls or a client in person, staff on headsets, viewing plans or maps, teams collaborating in meeting rooms on projects and many more.  My Corporate photography is often requested within Sydney, around Australia and occasionally overseas.

More often than not Corporate photography will involve using real staff in real situations. This ensures the authenticity of the images and removes them being viewed as ‘stock’ images bought from image libraries.

If you would like to discuss your Corporate Photography requirements please let me know and I would be happy to talk through project goals and requirements to ensure you get exactly what you want.